Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Special Edition: My Lung Transplant Journey, April 23, 2014 - Quote of the Week

Lucky me, a handsome guy I know has this to say about organ donation:

Simple and to the point! April is Donate Life month.
 Please register to be an organ donor!

Meanwhile, here's a brief update about me - we're still waiting! I did have a "dry run" on March 16, which was very exciting and emotional! To make a long story short, we received an early morning call that a match had been found. We had some time to get ready and get over to the Aurora airport to board the private medical jet to Cleveland. It's a short plane ride, just about and hour, so when we arrived, we were transported to the hospital via ambulance, then off to the transplant ICU to get prepped for surgery. At this point, we had no idea if it was a go or not as we still needed to hear from the team about the viability of the lungs. In a couple of hours, we received the disappointing news from the doctor that the lungs had pneumonia and were not suitable for transplant. We stayed overnight and headed for home the next day, feeling exhausted and defeated - sort of like having an ice cream cone in your hand and the scoop falls on the ground! Nonetheless, at least the run gave us some insight for what to expect when a call comes again! We are hopeful, and prayerful, that the call will come soon - perfect lungs at the perfect time.

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