Monday, March 23, 2015

Special Edition: My Lung Transplant Journey, March 24, 2015 - Six Month Lungiversary, sweeeet!


Wow! Today I celebrate six months post double lung transplant! It's amazing! I feel fairly well, and I thank God and my donor every day for my second chance at life. It seems like the months have gone by so fast since September 24, 2014. We celebrated special days like birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we also reveled in the simple joys of life like good food, a clean house, or time together as a family.

For me, the most exciting thing that's happened over the past six months is waking up every day being able to breath with ease - no oxygen, no tubes, and much less worry! I'm able to do normal things like take a shower, cook a meal, or run errands with much less difficulty. Although I still need assistance with activities such as carrying groceries or lifting heavy items, doing laundry, and vacuuming, I've been getting stronger every day. I'm also able to do fun stuff like take my daughter shopping, play wii games with the hubby and kids, get together with friends, and most importantly watch my children participate in the activities they love: soccer, gymnastics, running, flute and percussion. 

There are many more little things that have improved since transplant. For example, I can sing along to hymns at church. I can sleep in my own bed, do something around the house without having to stop to rest every few minutes, and climb stairs without getting out of breath. I can talk, walk, and breath all at the same time, which makes exercising much easier. I also can eat and breathe simultaneously, which makes dining much more enjoyable than pre-transplant. Speaking of eating, I believe I've reached my weight gain goal already thanks to getting my taste buds and appetite back, and my cravings for fruity, chewy snacks like gummy bears, fruit gels, jelly beans, and a variety of dried fruits . . . and of course pie, ice cream, chocolate and other treats!

All sweet things, just like my life with new lungs!